The Kermit Crafters team, made up of Ganira, Atticus, and Max, won their division with the highest score across all divisions and advanced to the World Final, ultimately taking 7th place overall. The Dragon Hunters team, consisting of Jact, Tarik, and Kerem, placed 2nd in their division, while the Einsteins team, made up of Paige, Bari, and Jordan, took 3rd place in their division.
This is not the first time that the Kermit Crafters have tasted victory at the VEX Robotics World Championship. In 2022, they were crowned World Champions after a stunning performance that saw them dominate the competition and emerge as the best in the world.
"We are incredibly proud of our Robotics Club students for their exceptional performance at the VEX Robotics World Championship," said Mr. Engin Blackstone, Superintendent of Gateway Science Academy of St. Louis. "Their hard work, dedication, and teamwork were on full display at this prestigious event, and we are thrilled to see them achieve such remarkable success."

The GSA Robotics Club has a long history of success at VEX Robotics competitions, and this year's competition was no exception. The students worked for months to design, build, and program their robots to perform complex tasks on the competition field.

Our students put in countless hours of hard work and dedication to prepare for this competition, and their efforts truly paid off," said Mr. Royal Gasimov, Coach of the GSA Robotics Club teams. "They demonstrated remarkable problem-solving skills, teamwork, and creativity, and we couldn't be more proud of them."

The GSA Robotics Club is dedicated to providing students with opportunities to explore their interests in robotics and technology and to develop important skills that will prepare them for future success. Through the club, students learn critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration skills that are essential in today's rapidly changing world.