BrightArrow Support for Families

How We Use BrightArrow

GSA partners with a company called BrightArrow to deliver important information to families through voice, email and text messaging.
How to Enroll

Parents/guardians have the opportunity to sign up for electronic notifications (including voice, email and/or text messages) when they initially register their child for school and at the beginning of each school year when they review the registration and contact information on file for their child. You may also enroll to receive electronic notifications or update your contact preferences at any time by contacting your child's school.
You Must “Opt in” to Receive Text Messages

To receive text messages through BrightArrow, you need to opt in. You can opt in to text messaging at any time by sending the word Yes to the short code 87569. Once you opt in, BrightArrow will send you a confirmation that your phone number is opted in.
Note: You must have your mobile phone number on file with your child’s school to receive text messages.
Helpful Tips

Voice Messages

When we call you with a voice message, the Caller ID will display the respective campus's phone number.
Email Messages

Email messages will come from [email protected] 
Text Messages

Once you’ve opted in, all text messages will come from the short code 87569 or 79041.
Updating Your Contact Information

If you need to update your contact information or change your communication preferences, please contact your child’s school.